Why is the note app "Joplin" not official package in Manjaro repos?


I found the note app “Joplin-Desktop” from AUR and want to use it. But it’s open source and good for privacy. Why is it not in the official repos?

Can someone push it in the official repos?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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There isn’t a whole lot of demand for that particular package, and I believe several alternatives do already exist. If there were a greater demand for it, then I’m sure it would be included ─ note: I am not an authority on this.

Meanwhile, those who want to use this software can install it from the AUR ─ even as an AppImage if they’re so inclined. That’s one of the reasons Manjaro has AUR support. :man_shrugging:



Joplin is the only known best open source note-taking app in the list of itsfoss.com and privacytools.io, they recommend us to use this app that is the best alternative to Google Keep and Evernote.

Well, it’s in the AUR, so… :wink:


Same with Qownnotes. One advantage of being in the AUR is how quickly you can get updates. Qownnotes gets regular updates. Also, I requested a (small) enhancement which was available within a couple of days.

Well, if you want a note-taking application, there are plenty available, with varying features :


I’d point out that ItsFOSS and PrivacyTools may focus on applications available at least on Windows, since that’s where most users are.
Also, while Joplin may be good on privacy since it seems to give control to the user what data to send online, other applications are even better since they don’t send data at all – although that may be interesting or not depending on the features you seek…

I prefer Boostnote. It’s free, OSS, and most importantly to me, it saves the notes locally. I didn’t want to do the cloud thing. And it’s plain text. I store all my notes in JSON format, but there is a pouchdb option as well.

I just prefer the JSON personally.

I need the synchronization with the encrypted note in MEGA cloud for my Smartphone Android and Linux Desktop.
Joplin has the feature E2EE that I need. Do you find other good note app with the same feature for Android and linux?
Many note apps are in AUR.

Boostnote does not have encryption function. Sure, it should stay in local.
But I need to sync the note for Smartphone and Linux Desktop. Joplin clearly wins.

I also use Joplin because it allows secure sync (via encr. webdav) with smartphones and other devices. The AUR version however several times had problems, so i’m now using the appimage wich works well but is not so good integrated into the desktop. So i also vote for a native Manjaro port.


Just added to the pinned post:


No, no it doesn’t.

However, you don’t NEED encryption in the app itself. What I’ve done is set up Boostnote backups to the cloud with rclone. With rclone you can choose whether it has to be encrypted or not.

And if you want to sync it to your smartphone, there is the option to use syncthing. Wich I also use. Both for Notes, as well as other things.

See, in my opinion it’s good not to have all your eggs in one basket. And it makes it possible to have more functionality in one application. (Because now I can sync the notes, but so much more, also.) And the note taking app can focus on what it’s designed for - taking notes.

And the sync app can focus on what it’s designed for - synchronising stuff.

And rclone can focus on what it’s designed for - cloud synchronization/backups.

And if any one of them fails, for whatever reason, it doesn’t bring down any of the others. Decentralizing it.

Anyway, that’s what I use and why I use it. Everyone’s might have their own preference.

The important thing is to get and setup and have what works for you! In my opinion, the moment you start prescribing to people what they’ve got to use, and you’re not a doctor that is allowed to hand out prescriptions, you’re treading on dangerous ground and risk becoming a drug dealer. Or a M$ executive.


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