Why is the default cpu governor set as powersave?

Why is the cpu governor set as powersave by default? is there some kind of configuration file that i can edit and be done with?

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tlp arranges your powersavemodes
check: /etc/tlp.conf
ref: Processor — TLP 1.3.1 documentation

TLP by default sets a profile where:

  • unplugged -> powersave
  • plugged -> performance

as it’s the most common expectation. You can of course change it the way you want it, should you understand all available options.


That’s all you need in KDE for an Intel mobile processor.
There’s no much difference between CPU governors. So using a powersave one by default both on AC and battery is quite a reasonable choice.
What matters is “energy performance”. Setting it to “Balance performance” by default for AC and “Balance power” for battery is enough for common user tasks. The above could be set by tlp config. And the widget I mentioned in the beginning of this post will provide you with more versatility on selection of modes - “Performance” for a CPU-intensive tasks and “Power” for a longer period of on battery run.

This is great tool… anything for AMD ? xD

Is there a non AUR alternative to this?

My tlp.conf if blank, also i’m using cpupower.

Didn’t work, changing anything in this file doesn’t take any effect i’ve changed to performance rebooted and it’s still set as powersave.

I tried to use TLPUI but it won’t save my settings.

You can clone the code from author’s GitHub repo and copypaste it manually. But that’s too much hassle compared to installation from AUR.

you can add Corectrl

Installing TLPUI from AUR just worked.

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