Why is so much Manjaro effort being put into Beelink GT-King and GT-King Pro?

I appreciate that the GT-King Pro is/was a very fast box. Some have compared it to a Nvidia box. However, for reasons only known to them, if you go to the Beelink web-site. They are not selling those boxes anymore.

Most of the devices from most of the odm are out of stock so maybe that’s why they’re not selling it. Due to chip shortage.
Manjaro Arm project have supported all the hardware manufacturer which our development team thinks if a device is good to be supported by Manjaro Arm project then we try to get it and support it as long as the developers plans to do so.

There is effort being put in Amlogic boards are they’re powerful enough to be a good light weight desktop experience for Manjaro Arm users.

Would you like to share why have you named this thread that it is?
As it doesn’t really mean much.

Hi spikerguy.

I for one would like to see the GT-King Pro on their web-site. I know it is a very fast box and plenty of owners have reported near comparable results with the nvidia shield box. I was going to buy one but was put off the idea because their web-site was not showing the GT-King Pro anymore, preferring to promote the non raid NAS GT-King-X. If it is as you say a chip shortage then it would it would far simpler for them to say “out of stock due to chip shortage” so potential buyers can be confident the GT-King-Pro will be back in the stable once they overcome the chip shortages.

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There are 2 thing about this point.

  1. They recently migrated to a new website and I have no idea why they didn’t put that model on the page. The new website doesn’t looks complete to me as most of their devices are missing from their website.
  2. I am aware that there is wifi and dram shortage for all the ODM and not just Beelink so maybe they didn’t put it yet until they get it back in stock.

The best option for you is to post in Beelink Forum and get answers directly from them as the above points are my understanding of the current situation.

Happy to do so…:slight_smile:

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