Why is panel volume icon hardcoded to be white and nothing but white regardless of what icon theme is in use?

Is there any philosophy / aesthetic requisite to that?

Ive been all out trying to tidy up tray icons mess. What peaked my interest was pulse audio panel status icon. It never goes anything but white.

Replace it with any color, its still white.

Dark papirus is supposed to have dark action icons and they are dark indeed except thunar navigation button icons and white audio volume icon.

I want my tray icons to be red for example.

What is this?


I dont think so.
I’m pretty sure Papirus-Dark is for use with dark themes … so they should contrast … and be … not dark … preferably something like … white.

(KDE there by the way … so dont go comparing 1-to-1)

Are you sure you are replacing/editing the right icons/items?
Its been a while since I looked at XFCE but I dont think it does extra things to the icons - it just loads them up … which is sometimes unpleasing. Ex:

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xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin includes 4 speaker icons and is not affected by theme

$ pamac list -f xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin | grep volume

icons/scalable/status · master · Panel Plugins / xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin · GitLab

The plugin also has similar icons to show the microphone level that is displayed in red only when microphone is live

The microphone-level icons in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/status/ are white so I suspect that colour change to red is possibly a client-side decoration thing?

(I don’t like the red microphone icon because it distracts from audio tools that have better, configurable status indicators for audio devices. But I replaced panel plugin with a launcher for pavucontrol --tab=1 long ago)

Papirus-Dark has single icons for speaker and microphone, but they are also white, so you may need to create a custom set of replacement icons in red

@cscs I was using a few Debian/Ubuntu Xfce distros in 2013 and they usually had xfce4-mixer plugin

I know papirus falls back on hicolor. Thats not what I am asking. It also inherits a couple other icon sets to fall back on in case of shortage of some icons.

I was originally talking about the color. Pulse audio status icon which was my initial concern seems to never change color to anything but white.

I have since cracked it up though. Here it is, all icons red:

i . imgur . com /DOfCOnO.png

But it is not papirus icons. Its a different icon pack.

With papirus, pulse audio is just white and thats the end of it. Try it yourself. Use green square as a replacement. Volume icons reside in 16x16/panel 22x22/panel 24x24/panel. You should notice it changing to square but of white color.

Papirus volume icon always gets whitened no matter what you replace it with.