Why is Libreoffice pulled in by Onlyoffice?

Last time i installed Majaro using the full iso - (I think i was a year ago), it installed both OnlyOffice and LibreOffice as default.
This time I downloaded the minimal iso for installation. Off course there were no office suite included. So I installed Onlyoffice. And guess what - now I have both Onlyoffice and Libreoffice installed. Why does installation of Onlyoffice include Libreoffice?

According to the dependencies of onlyoffice-desktopeditors:

Optional Dependencies:
libreoffice: for OpenSymbol fonts

(this info can be seen clearly in the package manager)

It shouldn’t do that. Can you post the pacman log?
p.s. optional is well, optional

My guess is that @marli may have just pulled the optional dependencies without paying too much attention to what they are. Also if you need OpenSymbol, then you need LibreOffice, apparently (although I’d say that’s a bit of a packaging issue - Debian has them packaged separately).

The OpenSymbol fonts package is optional.

You selected the optional dependency - thus you got it all.

OnlyOffice is – how best to explain this – like an extension in many ways. It’s designed for online interoperability with (for example) Google Docs, Google Sheets, and similar online collaboration platforms. It still needs a backend of sorts to process documents on the local machine. LibreOffice is it; though, other office suites could arguably be used in its place.

I hope that clears the mud a little. Cheers.

When I start Onlyoffice am I actually starting Libreoffice with a different skin?

Looks like I selected OpenSymbol without paying enough attention.

I don’t know what OpenSymbol is. But if it’s optional and causes another full office suite to be pulled in, I find it strange that it’s selected by default when installing from the full iso

It is not - it is optional - you selected it … so there is that

No. I’m genuinely not sure what @soundofthunder is talking about here - as far as I can tell, OnlyOffice is not a skin on LibreOffice. For example, OnlyOffice doesn’t have any Java in it.

For whatever reason, OpenSymbol in Arch/Manjaro is only packaged with LibreOffice. As I mentioned before, I think that’s an odd choice. Debian certainly packages OpenSymbol separately. However, here, if you want OpenSymbol, you have to have LibreOffice.

I didn’t remotely suggest OnlyOffice was a skin of any kind.
@dgdg Did you misplace your glasses? :eyeglasses:

No, you’re not.

OK, let’s try it this way: OnlyOffice needs support from OpenOffice for some of it’s features; in particular, for processes that need to happen on your machine, as OnlyOffice is primarily designed for… online stuff.


I can’t remember being given any option to select package options when installing from iso.

Only two options exist on the ISO - libreoffice and freeoffice - and of course none.

At least last year, the default in the iso was a light version of another office package, because well, the full version pays the bills (manjaro is an opensource project so to get any money at all they need partners who try to sell something). Not a big deal. But it was not the onlyoffice.

Check the Package information to understand what could install libreoffice with it:

pacman -Si onlyoffice-desktopeditors   

No, it’s this one (:point_down:) that is partnered with Manjaro. :wink: