Why is kernel 5.10 LTS still not available?

The kernel 5.10 isn’t available to me yet, i can’t download and install it when is it coming to the Manjaro repos?

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5.10 is still in the Testing repos even in vanilla Arch, so Manjaro won’t have it yet.

All good things come to those who wait. Patience my friend.



Then something to read to answer your question:


It’s always funny to read this type of question ! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


We should note too that unless you’re running your own custom-built Linux or otherwise compiling the kernel yourself, the Arch family of distros are some of the fastest to have new software available.

Can someone provide a link to documentation on the release and development process for Manjaro?


References to release docs and also info about 5.10:

The kernel is just out but i wonder why it’s not showing the LTS tag? The kernel 5.10 was supposed to be LTS

Well, well, two complaints in one thread…

Open source solutions : wether you contribute (and do the proper reporting on the source repository) or you pay to sponsor action.
Did you do one or the other ?

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