Why is it that on Brave Browser videos freeze?

I cannot watch a full 40-minute Youtube video without video freezing at 16-17 minute mark. Then, it lags and cannot play any longer. Temporary Solution: but if I disconnect network and reconnect network, I can watch another 16-17 minute video. I am also use Protonvpn with router. Please help.

Possibly, check your power-saving settings.

That’s all I can think of. Good luck.

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First thing to check is whether the problem also exists in another browser.

This suggests that it’s more likely to be a network problem than a browser problem.


I have also had videos stop and refuse to play
(they stop and go to pause - can be made to continue, but only for a few seconds …)
when something - I don’t know what - happens with the Bluetooth connection through which I usually listen to the sound track.
… disable bluetooth - and the sound comes back and playback resumes …

I don’t know why that happens - but it does, sometimes.

Remedy is:

  • delete bluetoth connection
  • factory reset the headset
  • re-pair the headset

… until it happens again - some days or weeks later … :man_shrugging:

It may be caused by / a function of
using that same headset not only on this device, but on two or three different ones as well (Phone / Car …)
and frequently going beyond the transmission range …
but that is just speculation.

reset and repair does the trick every time - is all I know

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some things you can check
a)Youtube is going more aggresively against adblocker and similar tools in the last two months.
your vpn, brave with its settings or adblocker can cause the actual problem.

b)energy-saving setting can trouble

c)amd-gpu that hasn’t the non-free codecs ?

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good point - with the recently discontinued atlasvpn (they transferred me and all their customers to nordvpn)
I could not even use YouTube - they probably simply blocked these (known) servers - but what do I know.
I only know it didn’t work.

Depending on the kind of adblock (some ad is supressed/not played) this might be detectable and active action taken.
But that is just possible - not confirmed knowledge.

With ublock origin as an adblock solution, I have had no such issues (so far).

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Ditto. Works like a charm. :slight_smile:

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When I disable ProtonVpn, I am use youtube.com without stutter, pause, or freeze… strange… I now have continuous, smooth playback with adblocker and all… Thank you…

Note: Also, I have tried on other browsers like Librewolf, and youtube.com wouldn’t even play videos at the beginning… Brave works fine…

Also…power settings are same…

Thank you, soundofthunder, Aragorn, Nachlese, and OlIi