Why is GNOME still 41.5 when Arch is 42?

In Arch, it has been 42 for at least a weak. Even Ubuntu has been released with 42. Why is it still 41.5 in Manjaro? I am not sure how “XXX-based” distributions work, but if it works for Arch, does Manjaro need that more testing period?

Well, considering Manjaro is curated means that it takes more time to test and squash any potential bugs, so you don’t have to.

Also, all the Manjaro theming and Branding needs to be updated to work with it, which all translates to time in development.

Of course, you’re welcome to switch to the Unstable branch if you can’t wait.

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Want faster newer better stronger, switch to unstable :mechanical_arm:

Currently on testing, can report GNOME 42 is there, I installed it and I have no issues to report.

I’m veering off-topic, but I’d like to ask you @Hanzel - - Does Settings > Keyboard > Alternative Characters Key work in Manjaro Gnome 42 testing? In Ubuntu 22.04 that seems broken, I can’t change from default. (eg: select Right-Ctrl it will change to none)

In general, Manjaro needs more testing for gnome releases, because we ship some shell extensions, and we have to wait for them to be reliably compatible with the new gnome release before we can bring the release to stable branch. It is not possible to guarantee that there is no breakage on rolling release, but we do our best anyway.

That being said, gnome 42 should be practically ready to release to stable at this time afaik.

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