Why is gnome not up to date?

Hello, why isn’t Gnome updated on Manjaro’s repos ? At the time of writing, Arch repos are holding 3.38 version of Gnome, but when I try to update, pacman says gnome is on version 3.36.

Is it something I’m missing, or is Manjaro Gnome purposely behind ?


It’s in testing.

You can switch branches if your’e impatient.
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I see, and I imagine there’s no ETA on when packages will get in stable, or how much time packages stay in testing for.

It’s nice though, I was worried that it was on purpose, that it was decided that that version would be skipped for example, because people didn’t like it or for whatever other reason.

Is there somewhere I can read about packages currently in testing, and see or contribute to the testing effort ? I see that I can switch to the testing branch, but I’m more talking about a section of the forum, a git repo issues or something like that, to talk about the problems found and such

The stable snap should happen within a few days

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There are the testing announcements:
Just look at the latest one.

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