Why is GNOME 43 not yet available in the unstable branch?

@philm: Why Gnome 43 is not yet available in the unstable branch ? Is there some delay with arch linux repository ?


such queries are better made here;

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Well I searched with the favorite search engine and was directed to the same question on the Arch forums. Guess what: they deleted that thread. Maybe they wait for 43.1 release or want to keep 42.x, which is supported for another year. Who knows. It just gives more time to developers of extensions to get it ported properly …


Can’t tell if it’s tongue-in-cheek, but, here’s one.

Neither can @philm :rofl:

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I’m new on linux and manjaro and not sure if it’s something wrong with my system, or if I have to do something special, but it still haven’t updated, any idea? Thanks.

It’ll be ready when it’s ready.
Not one second sooner.


Oh ok, so it’s not ready yet, that’s what I wanted to know, thank you.

30 some days ago i wanted to display my genuine positiveness …

Arch still has lots of packages flagged out of date in the Gnome group …

Now why am I getting a déjà-vu here? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Let’s give them GNOME 43, and then some kind soul can write up a HowTo on how to get back to GNOME 42 or skip the upgrade. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got PTSD reading the title of this thread.

Pardon me while I shiver in the corner.


Here is the Release Schedule of 44. Might give some idea …

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