Why Is Calamares Asking Users To Create A LUKS-Encrypted Boot Partition?

After I had finished with the “manual partitioning” step, the installer urged me to go back to encrypt “/boot” along with “/,” “/swap,” and “/home…” There too many mixed messages online about encrypting “/boot” (and/or “/boot/efi”), but doing that seems to have ruined any chance of updating the grub config for things like kernel additions/deletions, nvidia-related stuff, or merely turning off the grub timer; as the boot hangs on a blinking terminal after doing just that. So I’d like to know who put that dangerous prompt into calamares, and why?

You used ‘manual’ partitioning. You werent forced to do anything.

In any case

Calamares is not developed by manjaro.

Calamares: Distribution-Independent Installer Framework

That’s because every tutorial and every linux lover says to set up partitions manually. I kind of have to, seeing as I have a separate ssd for my home directory.

I thought Manjaro used calamares for it’s own live desktop installation…Why would any OS go for an installer they couldn’t provide help and support for their user-base?

Why would a distro use a tool not solely developed by themselves?
I dunno … see … 99.99% of software in any repository.

And were you seeking support? It sounded more like just complaining about a blurb of text … and I gave you the relevant link to the project page if you wish to file a bug report.

More precisely you only asked one question…

Which, regardless of the content or validity of the basis of that query … can be generally answered by pointing towards the source where it is developed … which is not here. :wink:

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Sorry I forgot to complain about having to enter a password one partition at a time, and if there was any way to unlock all the partitions at the same time with one password entry…

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