Why is `arch-wiki-docs` not in Manjaro repos?

arch-wiki-docs package is in the official Arch repos but not in Manjaro repos. Why?

Manjaro is NOT Arch.
Arch is NOT Manjaro.


I’m guessing it’s because this is Manjaro and not Arch.


These are not available on Manjaro repositories but you could download them from their package sites:

sudo pacman -U https://archlinux.org/packages/community/any/arch-wiki-docs/download/
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I know Manjaro is not Arch. But Manjaro IS based on Arch, isn’t it? So, it makes sense for Manjaro to have Arch Packages.

Manjaro is to Arch what Ubuntu is to Debian. I don’t see Ubuntu refusing to include some package in its repos for the reason of it(Ubuntu) not being Debian.

I guess the documentation in that package assumes different package names for kernels and drivers and as such, is not completely compatible with Manjaro.

PS: Isn’t this just a package of what’s available on wiki.archlinux.org anyway?

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Packages which duplicates Manjaro packages and documentation which may create confusion for endusers are explicitly not available - that doesn’t mean you cannot install them but any issues caused by such package is yours to fix.

There is some differences where some packages is not available.

E.g kernel packages from Arch is not available - because they are named differently.

Wiki docs is created for Arch - and while a lot of it can be directly applied - other documentation will be invalid - the example being all kernel related stuff.

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AFAIK, yes, yes it is!

Only in a sense. Manjaro is based on Arch, but it’s not Arch. So a lot, maybe even most of the stuff is the same, but not everything.

Quite possibly. Except that Debian and Ubuntu is much, much bigger than Manjaro. They are a lot more popular, thus have a lot more money, thus a lot more employees. So they have much more resources, which makes it a whole lot easier to convert/maintain that way. (Or, that’s how I have it anyway.)

Anyway, Manjaro is aimed at a completely different market than Ubuntu, as I have it. Well, let’s say in my opinion and experience, Ubuntu is more used by people that want things to Just WorkTM while Manjarions tend to not mind getting their hands a bit dirty.

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