Why I'm Loving Manjaro!

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you!

I had been using Ubuntu for a long time, but I kept running into issues trying to customize the look and feel of their gnome distribution. I really didn’t like their new theme that they are trying to push on everyone and when using Manjaro’s Gnome distro, it was relatively easy to change the appearance to the way I want.

Another reason I’ve been enjoying Manjaro is Pamac, it’s really easy to use for simple desktop package management and has integration with Snap and Aur in one interface, it’s really nice imho.

I haven’t really delved into configuring the system yet, mostly because, I haven’t needed too, which is great! The only thing I had to do was configure a udev rule for my keyboard, which I found the solution for on an arch forum (can’t link to, but the title is “[WORKED AROUND] Keyboard doesn’t work in linux 5.8 due to Asus hotkeys”), it was a strange hiccup that was affecting me on a few other distros as well, which was eventually how I found out about Manjaro recently.



Fabulous friends like you makes this community shines bright like a smile😊!
Have a hug!:hugs:


Welcome to the forum. The keyboard issue is fixed with kernel >=5.8.15…

Ahhh, a fellow migrant from Ubuntu. Don’t forget, if you are having Bluetootht troubles to modify /etc/bluetooth/main.conf so that autoenable is both decommented and set to true.

I was in the same boat as you. Kind of still am, but I’ve got my sea legs well enough to make my way around at least. With how homogeneous Linux systems had become these days a lot of your skills from Ubuntu _will_m carry over, just without specific Ubuntu utilities.

That’s alright anyway because of how great Pamac Manager is compared to Update Manager. Extra pro tip for you; follow this guide I wrote for better audio.