Why have some repo packages been dropped to the AUR?

Stargazers “Stellarium” is now in the AUR…
Devolo Cockpit is too, thats o.K. but not up to date…

Likely a “victim” of the Arch Linux Spring Cleaning initiative.


Too much hygiene overdose not so healthly, removing Stellarium from repo to AUR is more involution than evolution

Just to cleanery understand: is Manjaro a Arch slave or just a based but free ?

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Manjaro only provides Manjaro specific packages in addition to the inherited Arch repo.

If a package is removed from upstream repo - Manjaro inherits that removal - that is how it is - whether you approve of the upstream choice or not.

Manjaro is therefore subject to the decisions of Arch’s developers, developing this or that app and abandoning this or that one on the simple decision of a Arch dev, don’t discut and just obey so bad being there, especially when the abandonment concerns a software like Stellarium :frowning:

Thanks you anyway for your precision linux-aarhus!

You might want to check the AppImage build of Stellarium. I’m using quite a few AppImage apps by now and it is working without any problem.

You can always make your own distro using arch as a base then add and maintain any packages you want instead of complaining. Manjaro is FREE and most of the devs are volunteers doing this in their spare time. Maintaining packages takes time and bandwidth, if a package isn’t used much the devs won’t waste their time on it


The decision made to demote a package is never taken lightly. Packages where source has become buggy with no fixes or packages for deprecated tools like GTK2 and Python 2.7 or the package almost never used. When a package is demoted from upstream Arch it is usually discussed and thought through.

Archlinux looks at statistics and if a packages is rarely used the reasoning may be that a package with low popularity is demoted to AUR.

The packages in Arch repo is often but not always compiled from source. If the source becomes poorly maintained or exhibit bugs - if the developer does not fix it - the package may get demoted to AUR.

Manjaro does not pickup packages which has been dropped from Arch unless the package is actively used as part of an ISO.


Not as full-featured, but still works smoothly in a fullscreen Chromium / Firefox window. :+1:

:sparkles: Stellarium (Online Version) :sparkles:

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