Why fonts are dimmer/darker than windows in linux?

Hi, I tried several distros of linux, but all of them like manjaro has an annoying problem, and that’s problem is dim/dark status of fonts, fonts realy are dark and anoy my eyes for exmple please see the below picture:

as you can see on the left side of the picture fonts in chrome dev tools looks brighter and sharper but on the right side is dim/dark, Does anyone have any idea what’s the problem and how can I fix it, it’s not just chrome I have this problem with VSCode too and it’s also dim

This is on VBOX but in my real system with the below properties, also there is no different

CPU: I7 intel
GPU: dual GPU Intel 620 and Nvidia gt1030
Ram: 16gb

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You should be able to adjust your gamma and font rendering in your settings somewhere…
I use KDE instead of Gnome so your settings might be in a different place…

I think, my fonts are set at the same setting that your system is set on, but I couldn’t find any results about gamma and stuff like that, does anyone know where is gamma setting in gnome?

Hi @mohammadali,

Please see:






Hope it helps!

If you’re using an LCD monitor, you should use the option for LCD to get crisper/sharper fonts…


Yeah, it was the problem! and fonts are brighter than before, thanks man you helped me a lot

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