Why does the Stable branch get marked "Out of date" when nothing appears to have been updated?

Why does the Stable branch get marked "Out of date"when nothing appears to have been updated? No announcement indicating a change and checkupdates doesn’t show any changes. Does the status “Out of date” have other meanings internally?

Update (2021.12.14 18:31 CST): I follow the Announcement cateogry for the Stable branch to know if we should expect the Stable repository to be out of date. But there appears to be too many occurrences of the Stabe branch being out of date with no corresponding Announcement. This is a little concerning. I appreciate the rolling release, but I’d like some understanding of what might have changed so I can fix anything that might break or has been customized.

Is there another source that users can follow to know what has been pushed to the Stable branch? Git commit, maybe?

(repo.manjaro.org datetime: 2021-12-15 01:24)

I just pushed new packages to stable. Not every mirror has them yet.


I don’t know for this specific case but not every update receives an announcement.
Most probable it’s a security update of browsers.

Most of the US mirrors are now showing as synced and are marked Up to date

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