Why does Firefox on Manjaro KDE still not use the KDE file picker by default?

Why isn’t it configured by default to use the KDE file picker? How do I manually enable it?


To complement.
Firefox doesn’t use KDE’s file picker by default because they use a different graphical toolkit: the former uses GTK+ while the latter uses Qt.

OpenSUSE’s Firefox uses it by default, though. As well as Kubuntu’s but that’s the snap version.

Can’t Manjaro apply a patch for this just like OpenSUSE?

maybe this is what you are looking for Plasma Integration – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

I remember a package that used to do the job, but it has been removed.

It should be quite easy to figure out how they achieve this.
And - without having looked at it - @zbe 's comment might be relevant.

Firefox is GTK - while you use QT/Plasma.
some effort to make them comply is needed

I could not tell the solution because I use the former - GTK
Xfce4 to be precise.