Why does Firefox change a manually set homepage with the recent update?

After today’s update I found my homepage had been changed from lhtranslation’s (which I had set myself) to manjaro’s, while that was a trivial fix it was annoying, what other changes to settings were made that I will need to check if I want to revert or not?

As best I know, there have not been any updates today. Not to the Manjaro Stable branch on x86-64 anyway. There was however an update to the Stable branch on aarch64, but since this thread was not posted anywhere under the #arm category, I am assuming you’re on x86-64.

Considering that you’re talking of an update to the browser’s home page, this may be the result of an incompatibility between the browser profile settings you already had on your system and the ones from the new Firefox version ─ albeit that this is rare, and it hasn’t happened to myself yet so far in all of the time I’ve been using Manjaro.

Normally however, no update should ever affect the settings in a user’s home directory, barring ─ again ─ incompatibility with earlier settings, which in that case will then of course lead to the application resetting itself to “factory defaults”.

I can confirm too that my homepage has been changed after the last Firefox update (the one bringing accent color setting in themes/extension section, Firefox 94 I think). I didn’t report it as it was the only thing I noticed changed, was not worth the effort.

Well that certainly makes more sense, as for the update I don’t know how there’s an inconsistency between my experience of it and your knowledge but I’m gonna put it down to me being on the cinnamon variety - far better experience than gnome on desktop, specifically because I can zoom the screen with just ALT+mousewheel (and no that gnome-mousewheel-zoom or whatever it was wouldn’t work out, it refused to do as I expected it to so gave up on it and switched back to cinnamon). Anyways I can’t imagine firefox devs would ever change the name of the homepage setting so that seems as equally strange as manjaro devs fiddling with firefox settings

It may not seem worth the effort but without such reports how are the devs to know how users feel about the changes they make? The whole point of the forums is to steer manjaro development in the direction the community as a whole wants.

Because it was not worth at all to me. You felt differently, you reported. Nothing more to say about it. If it changed it was probably Firefox resetting it for whatever reason.

//EDIT: quick google, same thing on other distro Firefox 94 homepage reset - Linux Mint Forums

As I said, probably Firefox decided to reset to factory setting the homepage (which on Manjaro, is the manjaro.org domain)

//EDIT2: another comment on another website talking about the issue Firefox 94 | Hacker News homepage, and search engines reset.

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I myself am still using Firefox 93, but my Firefox is firefox-appmenu-bin from the AUR, with patches for global menu support in Plasma.

I always check the AUR for updates whenever I update the rest of the system, but I guess there was no update for firefox-appmenu-bin yet when the last Stable update was pushed out, and I’m using Chromium as my primary browser, which may explain why I haven’t experienced this issue yet.

The various settings are stored in one or multiple configuration files. If the format of the configuration files in a new Firefox release is incompatible with the files on your system ─ e.g. due to some plugins you’ve got installed ─ then Firefox will resort to using all-new configuration files with default settings instead.

This has nothing to do with Manjaro. It’s just the way Mozilla develops Firefox.

That doesn’t mean they would outright ignore the old setting/s, let’s say it’s a new file format, they don’t find the new file, naturally the would attempt to load the previous format after attaching a shared library that supports it, then they would save it in the new format and delete the old one, at no point during that would there be reason for a setting to be ignored since realistically speaking they’re not gonna manually load each setting during that conversion process, instead they’re just gonna loop through everything checking only for the odd one here and there that either lost purpose or move to a more localised location, everything else would just have it’s value dumped as is into the new format, after which it’s business as usual for everything, addons included (not that they were effected, as far as I can tell it was only the homepage that was effected).

That’s what happens when you fire core developers and are now more concerned with marketing and “inclusion”.

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Manjaro never touches the user’s home folder and as you know Firefox settings is stored in ~/.mozilla - which makes it obvious that Firefox has decided to silently reset a users profile if an older format is found.

How annoying this can be - you should blame Firefox - not Manjaro - like the don’t shoot the messenger parabel.

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I think the whole issue has to do with their remaking of the default homepage/new tab. I noticed it also has reset my new tab preference it was back on their custom one (which by default is also the homepage, but on Manjaro the default homepage is defined as the manjaro.org website, not the custom homepage of Firefox), I was using empty page before for new tabs.

Maybe they did that by mistake (doubt it), or they did that as a requirement for technical reason, or to force users to try their newly remade homepage/new tab.

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Doesnt this actually come from


(I am relatively sure you can find threads discussing this exact situation, dating years back)

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I didn’t have an update of this package with Firefox 94, and the issue has been experienced on other distribution so I do not think it is related to this package (which should only be for the default settings anyway, it shouldn’t override anything).

[2021-11-04T01:34:19+0100] [ALPM] upgraded thunderbird-i18n-fr (91.2.1-1 -> 91.3.0-0.2)
[2021-11-04T01:34:19+0100] [ALPM] upgraded thunderbird-i18n-en-us (91.2.1-1 -> 91.3.0-0.2)
[2021-11-04T01:34:19+0100] [ALPM] upgraded thunderbird (91.2.1-1 -> 91.3.0-0.2)
[2021-11-04T01:34:19+0100] [ALPM] upgraded firefox-i18n-fr (93.0-1 -> 94.0-1)
[2021-11-04T01:34:19+0100] [ALPM] upgraded firefox-i18n-en-us (93.0-1 -> 94.0-1)
[2021-11-04T01:34:19+0100] [ALPM] upgraded firefox (93.0-1 -> 94.0-0.2)
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The package changes system wide defaults for the popular browsers