Why did these Electron packages pull the AUR version of their dependency instead of from the official repo

I noticed that I have the electron13-bin package installed from AUR and checked with pacman -Qi electron13-bin which applications pulled it as a dependency. Turns out it’s needed by deezer, which is in AUR, and element-desktop, which is in official repos.
electron13 also exists in the official repos though, and I was wondering why the AUR version was pulled by any package over the official one.
I know that Deezer was installed later, but if we assume the install of Element-desktop pulled Electron 13 from official, the later Deezer installation should have found Electron13 already present and not pulled the AUR version, right?
Anyhow, I wonder if I should replace the electron13-bin package with the official electron13 one…

You probably installed something from the AUR that required electron13 before it was available in the Manjaro stable branch. You can install electron13 and it will prompt to remove electron13-bin.

Thank you! Follow-up question: Is there any reason not to use electron instead of electron13?

The electron package will always be the latest version, currently 14. Not all programs will work with any version of Electron, that’s why there are versioned packages like electron13.

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