Why did the package matcha-gtk-theme not appear in the "detailed list of all package changes"?

How come package matcha-gtk-theme does not appear in the gitlab “detailed list of all package changes” which is linked to from the Stable Update Announcement for the April(s) update?

# before April update
===> pacman -Ss matcha-gtk-theme
community/matcha-gtk-theme 20221115-1 [installed]

# after April update
===> pacman -Ss matcha-gtk-theme 
community/matcha-gtk-theme 20230403-1 [installed]

I searched the latest “detailed list of all package changes”:

I did have a theme problem after the April update. Specifically, the tooltip background and font color had changed. I compared the gitlab tags 2023-04-03 and 2022-11-15 and I see some commits in this area. I prefer the way it was, so I corrected it in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/.

But I’m not sure why it wasn’t in the “detailed list of all package changes". It would have helped.

Desktop: XFCE
Style: Matcha-azul

matcha-gtk-theme 20230403-1 was not the Stable Update list because I had pushed it to all branches before the stable snap.

Is there any place we can regularly check for this kind of push :question:


I was hoping for a more generic way of checking for out-of-band pushes. The OP wouldn’t have known about the specific package to check.

None the less, thanks for the info!

Just a thought: on the machine making the update…

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Follow the manjaro-packages mailing list.

The sentence “detailed list of all package changes” should really be changed from all to partial to reflect the content of the report, or at least put a qualifier on it. :face_with_monocle:

The boxit list mentioned contains everything from everywhere all in one and the titles are all the same. It would be much more useful if it were similar to archlinux RSS feeds, Arch Linux - RSS Feeds, where each title is a unique package and it is by repository (core, extra, community) and architecture?

I suppose, given the availabe options, a user could download the weekly boxit archive, uncompress and grep for “- stable .+ x86_64” and capture the “New Packages” and “Removed Packages”. :thinking:

…is a diff between the the source and destination branch at the time of the snap. No more, no less.

As an end-user, I always recommend reading the Stable Update Announcement before doing an update and when the Announcement text says “detailed list of all package changes”, the end-user takes this as literal instructions.

The document can be reviewed before, to be proactive, or later, if there is a problem. It is a useful resource to consult.

If there are changes in-between Stable Update Announcments that will not appear, for whatever reason, perhaps the Announcement text should be updated to reflect reality :slight_smile:

I understand what occurred now (thank you), and know to look elsewhere, but other users, especially newbies, reading the Stable Update Announcment won’t.

Newbies will not read the list of packages changes anyway. They don’t even read the announcements from my experience.


Obviously the package list won’t include all package upgrades “since the previous announcement” but all, which came with that accompanying stable snap.
Some (security) package updates do reach stable in between announcements and should be applied as well (in case of security updates the reason is apparent). Are you saying you do not do updates in between?

If you wan’t to see beforehand wich packages will be updated at any given point in time regardless any forum announcements use checkupdates command from pacman package.

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It was not obvious to me, thus the original Topic :slight_smile:

And the only reason it came up, I read the Announcement, I reviewed the “detailed list” and I still had a problem with a package and it wasn’t in the “detailed list”. I just need to do more on my end to be proactive.

I took the description in the Stable Update Announcement as verbatim, “detailed list of all package changes” and I understood that to mean, from the last Stable Update Announcement.

If the list is not all changes, just change the text to reflect what the list actually contains :slight_smile:

Maybe there is a misundertanding of what I was referring to. For the record, @Yochanan clearly explained
and I now have a better understanding.

I guess these are the kinds of things a Manjaro user learns as they continue to use Manjaro over time.

I don’t think checkupdates will tell you when something is removed from the Manjaro and/or Archlinux repository. A recent example, simplescreenrecorder. But that was in the “detailed list”. :wink:

Thanks for the comment, but I’m done with this topic.

You’re right, it won’t. It’ll just list all the updates.
Sometimes dropped packages (from the repos) might be revealed when using an AUR helper or pamac with enabled AUR support when they produce warnings or update messages regarding those packages.

edit: You can also always ask your package manager what packages are installed but do not reside in any repos:

$ pacman -Qm

If you’re a heavy AUR user though this might be quite long as it (naturally) lists all AUR packages as well.

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