Why did an update install linux58 5.8.5-BEDE?

I got updated to kernel linux58 5.8.5-BEDE.
Was using a LTS kernel, and this somehow slipped in.
Upon booting, had no network connectivity. Restarted and went into linux54 5.4.61 LTS kernel.
Internet returned.
Why did this update install a new kernel? I did not see one prior to giving the OK to update.

Because you installed linux-bede from the unofficial Arch repo herecura and it had an update? :wink:

DISCLAIMER: Third-party kernels are not supported. Unofficial repos are also not supported. Both can cause breakage.


I had never installed any kernel from the Arch repos or the unofficial Herecura repo.

Odd, that it got installed with the update today!

Are you sure? :thinking:

It certainly didn’t come from the Manjaro repos.

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What’s the output of:

pacman -Qs kernel

This is not a Manjaro kernel.

You have most likely one or more foreign repo in your pacman.conf.

Please remove foreign repos from your pacman.conf and remove the foreign kernel package.

IF you must have foreign repo - to ensure Manjaro repo takes precedence - always place it as the last in pacman.conf

herecura repo explicit statement [1]

NOTE: All packages found in this repo are built using Arch Linux. When used on Arch “alike” distributions you might experience issues!


Went into pamac and found the offending files that were installed.
the Linux kernel 5.8.5-BEDE was not even installed, just a couple of dependencies.
Took out the offending files and all is good.

@Transitman50, can you please elaborate how you found them?

I had exactly the same problem, where my Manjaro update brought in the 5.8-BEDE kernel and things started to break.

Now I am curious, as I thought that BEDE was an official kernel from Manjaro, but this thread seems to indicate otherwise.

The update process can not install a kernel from an external source without you messing with the system and update sources first. Most likely you enabled the AUR and/or added external repositories to your system. Once you go that way, even if it is OK in my opinion, you can’t blame Manjaro for doing something it can not do by itself.

@Transitman50 @areynaldos

Again, Manjaro does NOT provide the BEDE kernel. The only way you could have installed it is adding the herecura repo to your /etc/pacman.conf.

Third party repos are NOT supported. You may add them if you’d like, however you’re on you’re own if you have issues.

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