Why can't I see a newly downloaded file?

Hi. First of all, i like Manjaro KDE so much. But i have a problem with it. The download folder is open and I download a file but it doesn’t appear in the downloads window. I close the window and reopen it, it is in there. Is this a problem i faced only? And what is the solution?

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With what application are you downloading files?

Does this occur with every download, or just “many times” without any pattern?

Does hitting F5 to refresh the Dolphin window make the file immediately visible?


Dolphin is the file manager here?
It seems to be a weakness of it that many people complain about.
You have to actively refresh the view, apparently.
Other file managers do not behave like this, do not have this “weakness”.

It would not bother me that much - just refresh the view (F5)

… but I’m used to that - I mostly use mc
and I know that I have to do that, that that is expected behaviour in mc -
so: I do that :grinning:

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It’s a common problem with Plasma, for me, it happens occasionally, I just refresh Dolphin.

The downloaded files are stored in home/Downloads

Normal download.

Which files do you want to download ?

Some links or other samples , so I can test this.

You did not answer any of the three questions in the post this was your response to …

the issue, as described, as I understood it, is:
the files do not appear in the folder that they are being downloaded to - not during the download and not after it is finished
even though they are actually there

One has to actively refresh the view - or exit the folder and re-enter it
to actually see them.
Seems to be a weakness of the file manager used - Dolphin is what I inferred from the the description and the topic being tagged “Kde Plasma”.

It isnt necessary to open Dolphin to commit the download. If opened after download starts then it will show.

You may have - on a previous occasion - chosen to download a file to another folder than the default ~/Downloads.

If you did then any subsequent downloads will be to that previouis folder and not the default folder.

To verify - open downloads in Firefox then select the file in question and choose show in folder.

Pressing F5 solving the problem but why i have to press on it?? It is just a simple download…

Dolphin has a auto refresh.
Downloads are visible during the download or shortly after the download is completed.

Can you try the download here: Manjaro Linux - Browse /kde/22.0 at SourceForge.net