Why bcachefs is not enabled in 6.7 kernels?

Hello. Since bcachefs mainlined in kernel 6.7, I think, it may be enabled by default in kernel config? I’m using it in the some production systems.

Config options will be reasonable and stable:

You can create a feature ticket on Manjaro Gitlab.


You can build your own Kernel.

If I could register there, I would send Merge a request instead of a ticket. But for some reason I haven’t received an account activation email for a long time. And yes, I didn’t ask how I could build the kernel with my patches. I asked if it was time to enable the innovation by default.

New kernel series normally are based on the last stable kernel series config file. All the other new features are normally used with the default setting by upstream. Some features are added but not enabled by default. We can look into bcachefs for sure. Trying Out & Benchmarking Bcachefs On Linux 6.7 - Phoronix

Okay, got it. Enabling file system support will not happen until the kernel is released; until then we continue to build the kernel by hand.

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