Why aren't there any RSS feed(s) from manjaro?

Hey, for productivity reasons I always use RSS to keep up with the world. But today I found out, my favourite distro manjaro doesn’t have any RSS(s)!!! I’m very disappointed :frowning_face: There should be RSS feeds for testing, unstable and stable updates, important notices and stuff. All members of the official team, moderators and curators of the forum, please bring this problem to mind. :angry:

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Hi @nazibalalam,

It took me a while to find them as well, but there is a news RSS feed.

There are for Stable, testing, and unstable updates, I’m 100% sure of that. In fact, I think I saw 'em once. I’m just unable to find them now.

Another option, is to use mntray. This is also excellent in providing the necessary updates.

Hope this helps!


you can get an rss feed from anything on the forum

just append .rss to the topic or group you would like to follow.

e.g. - this one


And also, is there a newsletter I could sign-up for? Or even a mailing list?

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AFAIK, if you keep an eye on and stay updates with the Announcements there is nothing else, so not that I’m aware of.

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If you use RSS add-on in your browser which can find RSS on website you can go to Manjaro News

  • Manjaro announcements
  • Manjaro ARM announcements
  • Manjaro News
  • Manjaro OS releases
  • Manjaro Stable Updates
  • Manjaro Testing Updates
  • Manjaro Unstable Updates

Well then, I just have to add .rss after any topic I want to follow. Right? There isn’t any servers for that.

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Not the topic itself. Rather, the URL for the topic.

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