Why are topics closed?

On Stackoveflow, rarely will questions be closed .That’s because there are possibilities to improve answers for others. On here though, important topics like why can’t I upload images are answered with “security concerns” without actually telling people what those security concerns are. Not to mention that the error message users get is image uploads aren’t allowed instead of an explanation that this restriction is for new users only. It should tell users how to get past this seemingly absolute blockade.

From what I remember when I signed up, the system sends you a few informative messages that you are supposed to actually read.
In them there are useful links, which are “required reading”
and I think issues like this are explicitly mentioned, if not explained, in them.

Often, the first impulse of new users is to send pictures - but they are seldom useful.
They take up much more storage space and the information in them cannot be parsed …


By default users at trust level 0 cannot post more than 1 image.This is applicable to all discourse forums.


Yes I understand that now because I had to read https:// forum.manjaro. org/t/welcome-to-manjaro-linux-forum/118590 after I couldn’t post images. I’m saying this default and the error message users receive should educate users rather than expecting them to read something from a “welcome post.” Usually users create an account to use immediately, not to read stuff and be a lurker. I’m asking for a UX update so that users can be informed why they can’t perform certain actions rather than only telling them that they can’t.


This request should be made to the developers of the forum software (Discourse), not the users (Manjaro admins) of the software.


of course you can - with a minor work around
but that takes:
a little bit of reading
a little work

these minor inconveniences rather effectively serve the purpose of …

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Another point is - images are not indexable - and while they can prove a point they are generally unwanted as you should be able to describe your issue in text mode - and you should also describe - in text mode what you have done to resolve your issue.

Posting images are next to useless in this type of forum.

Images may be fine for certain uses but it is not acceptable when discussing technical issues.

And thus new users cannot upload images.