Why are lts kernels recommended?

When messing with kernels i always notice that the lts kernels are tagged as recommended, i already know that lts is more stable than the latest kernels, are there any other reasons to recommend lts besides stability?

Yes, these kernels as the name suggests are with long term support – this mean several years support (for example 5.4 will be support until December 2025). Other kernels have support around 4 months. This mean if you have specific hardware (like old Nvidia card) you still can use even if newer kernels drop support.

LTS stands for ‘long term support’

I’m running 5.4 lts kernel and it seems to run smoother than 5.9, is there a reason for that? Are the lts kernels tested the same way as the latest ones? Or could the lts kernels actually be more thoroughly tested?


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I wonder whar you call smoother. Personally, I see little or no difference between kernels but of course that depends on the hardware you use.

To me the kernel 5.4 seems more responsive, i have an I5 8265u and Intel UHD 620

Does Manjaro follow the kernel.org schedule? The kernel org web site says that a Linux distribution might have a different schedule.

Well … yeah … its upstream of us by at least a factor of 2.
The kernels need to be built so they dont automatically show up in manjaro the second they do on that page - that page is just for the linux kernel in general, not ours. Not to mention we have 3 branches that get different versions of packages at different times.

I keep to LTS kernels precisely so I don’t have mess with kernels for as long a period as possible.

I have a 6 year old PC. The hardware is not very new so it doesn’t need the newest kernels to run. Virtualbox and its modules work fine with the LTS kernel on my machine, so why bother to change? If I was on the latest kernel, I would have to change kernel every time it went End of Life. And then wonder if it is going to work fine with my hardware, whether VB works properly on it, etc.

For those with potential problematic things like Nvidia or Broadcom hardware, you probably also have to hope they work with the new kernel.

How troublesome and unnecessary.

On my main workhorse Manjaro install on PC, I’m still on 4.19 LTS in fact. I haven’t even bothered to switch to 5.4 LTS (though I’ve done so for my second Manjaro install on the PC and on my laptop).

But 5.4 will be supported by Manjaro until 12/2025?

Those streams would be arch and kernel.org? :confused:

Does the Manjaro team make any extra testing on the kernels? I’ve been wondering this because the team does some testing with the repositories, it’s a bit behind Arch but more stable.

Well, the Team generally is on the testing branches or even on the unstable branches, so yes. At the point in time when you get a bit more knowledgable and/or, might i say, “daring” you can switch over to these branches yourself and help with the testing.

It’s a nice idea i’m not used to testing though is there a specific place in the forum for feedbacks and bug reports?

Generally that would be the testing/unstable update threads.