Why am i getting the white color menu in dark theme?


Hi @Zexu_knub, and welcome!

KDE uses the Qt backend, while Gnome uses the GTK backend.

I’m assuming you use KDE Plasma, as that’s where the question is posted. KDE uses the Qt backend, but GTK apps work as well, albeit, as you can see, a bit ‘wonkily’. You need to set both the GTK and Qt themes to dark for this to work. Yeah, it ttook some time for me to figure this out as well.

To do so go to System SettingsAppearanceApplication Style. In the right-hand on the bottom, the is a button Configure GNOME/GTK Application Style….

Click that and set the GTK theme to something more appropriate. I highly doubt if there is something exactly thee same, but there should be something close enough.

Hope this helps!


wow… thank you, i get it now.

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