Who's updating Steam?

i logged in for the first time to Steam after around two years of having Manjaro.
i had a black screen instead of the STORE/LIBRARY/etc… overlay,but still could see the upper menus and bottom options.

looking around for a solution,i found that i should try to update the clinet via “Steam/check for client updates” which i did and it installed,and now it works fine.

i was a bit surprised since i thought that in a Linux Distro this should not be possible/or done by the package manager.


Steam package is just a launcher which downloads the client and Ubuntu base …


To answer the question, Steam updates Steam.


it’s a unique exception among all other Packages,
a bit like an AUR package.

Not really as you run an Ubuntu subsystem and the Steam client on top. This way Steam works like a snap or flatpak …

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Got it.

i forgot about those;it’s indeed much more like them.


I just switched over from windows and this was a common thing after launching steam even on windows, for me just clicking on the library link/menu item would resolve it.

edit: misread the OP. Thought the content was rendered blank and the top list of STORE LIBRARY etc. was still visible.