Who has experience with convertible notebooks for Manjaro? - Suitable hardware for Linux Manjaro

I would like to buy a convertible notebook and installing Manjaro.

Does anybody has experience with convertible notebooks working with Manjaro?

  • I have surfed a little in the Internet. Lenovo Yogo books are supposed to work more or less well with Linux Ubuntu. Any experience with that or others refering Manjaro?

Which desktop distribution is recommended (KDE, Gnome), if you want to be able to use also with touchscreen function?

:information_source: Threads seeking advice about specific computer product recommendations are discouraged. Please see the Forum Rules.

See Forum Rules. This is what I found there.

  • Such topics, like the technology they discuss, quickly become obsolete and are unlikely to provide any lasting benefit to the wider community.
  • You are expected to be able to do your own research and draw your own conclusions about which product best suits your individual requirements.

My question is not about what is the best technology neither what suits best for me. It is simply which convertibles notebooks a compatible with Manjaro and which “Manjaro Desktop” works generally with touchscreen? :wink:
This may be interesting for several readers and a wider community. I do not see any harm to the manjaro rules.
Even I would be interested in buying a manjaro hardware to support great manjaro, if a convertible notebook would be available there. But it isn’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

If they work with Ubuntu, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t work with Manjaro.

Any of them will work, however GNOME is easier to use on a touchscreen.

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Ubuntu has a list of certified machines (certified hardware), on all others, installing their operating system may not work well or even work. Search the Internet for a link to them, unfortunately I can’t paste it here. From my personal experience, I am surprised by the hardware support for Manjaro OS, it is not inferior to Ubuntu, in some places even better. I recommend both! But without a Linux distribution, your transformer will definitely not remain.

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Thanks. Here I found the actually very helpful link for finding a suitable hardware for Linux: Certified Hardware for Ubuntu.
It probably even works better with Manjaro than!


Thanks to all of you!!

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Do a Google search on the ArchWiki for Lenovo Yoga. Manjaro is based on Arch and their wiki is a great research tool.

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Thanks to all contributions. Here the summarization of all given ways to find a suitable hardware working for Linux Manjaro. In my case I was looking for a convertible notebook with touchscreen which should work with Manjaro.

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