Who are selling or buying ebay's manjaro live bootable DVDs/USBs?

it’s not very logical with a rolling release Distro where a good internet connection is needed for updates.
one of them had 19 sold.
and they’re not that cheap.
i suppose they are not official:



Manjaro will always be completely free

If some want to pay free stuff…


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i thought about who would buy a windows DVD/USB,and probably people with a PC with no OS and no possibility to download it on another PC.
so i suppose it’s the same for those Linux DVDs.

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Problem for Arch or Manjaro isos, the CD is outdated pretty quick with rolling releases.

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What about Gparted for 5 bucks?

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i re-checked,there is a whole industry of selling free software for money on ebay,
so it’s not surprising manjaro and other linux Distros are also there.

If you ask me I’ll send you a multiboot 32G USB stick - with a selection of ISO and scripts to update them - the ISOs.

€15 including shipping by mail

Free and 15€ shipping sounds better.