Who are selling or buying ebay's manjaro live bootable DVDs/USBs?

it’s not very logical with a rolling release Distro where a good internet connection is needed for updates.
one of them had 19 sold.
and they’re not that cheap.
i suppose they are not official:



Manjaro will always be completely free

If some want to pay free stuff…


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i thought about who would buy a windows DVD/USB,and probably people with a PC with no OS and no possibility to download it on another PC.
so i suppose it’s the same for those Linux DVDs.

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Problem for Arch or Manjaro isos, the CD is outdated pretty quick with rolling releases.

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What about Gparted for 5 bucks?

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i re-checked,there is a whole industry of selling free software for money on ebay,
so it’s not surprising manjaro and other linux Distros are also there.

If you ask me I’ll send you a multiboot 32G USB stick - with a selection of ISO and scripts to update them - the ISOs.

€15 including shipping by mail

Free and 15€ shipping sounds better.

Just a point in time. Once installed, if not TOO old with many packages needing an update, it will get updated to whatever is being used at the time. Mileage may vary. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just for the record:


USB-Sticks with Stock Debian on it, super cheap:

:warning: Don’t even think of buying it… xD

What the actual heck is with these prices? It’s ridiculous.

it seems they’re aware with that LOL emoji.

Yepp, but they do good marketing. Target clients are people who have literally no idea and just want a fast PC.

Sometimes I think about doing a marketing strategy like that too, but then I think, “No, I can’t reconcile that with my conscience. If grandma knew how I treat other grandmas, I’d have blushes of shame written all over my face.” …

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