White screen after Gnome update. Tty3 still available

After update early July White screen upon startup. As a noob I didn’t check release notes. performed update from Pac-Man.
Maybe someone can help me to clean up.

Manjaro 5.6.16-1-manjaro
Systemctl status gdm Results in starting gnome display manager and started gnome display manager.
The next line is “ accountsservice: ActUserManager: user (null) has no username (uid: -1)

Sudo journalctl -b -p err. Gives 4 results

Kernel : tpm tpm0: tpm_try_transmit: send(): error -5
Kernel: tpm tpm0: [Firmware Bug]: TPM interrupt not working, polling instead
Systemd(1): Failed to start iptablesv6 service
Systemd(1): Failed to start Delete OEM user.


Would there be any way out of here?

Thank you

According to the bugzilla of redhat it is a firmware bug.

Disable TPM from UEFI and it should be solved. Consider to upgrade your UEFI.