White noise on headphone output

White noise when suspending, restarting, and shutting down the computer.
Maybe we could interpret it as a rise in voltage, so that this type of sound is produced.
the sound obviously stops when the computer completes the suspend, reboot, or shutdown command.

I suspect of kernel 5.4.64-1 since about a year ago with kernel 4.19 this did not happen and if I change to 4.19 it will most likely solve the problem.

my question is, is there a way to fix this in kernel 5.4? or should I stay with 4.19?

It would be great to be able to fix it as I’m pretty sure the problem will continue with future new kernels.

my laptop is a DELL e5540

You can always file a bug with the kernel development team if it really annoys you.

Note: Filing a bug is a lot of work!


very well, i experiment with commands like:
pulseaudio --kill
pulseaudio --start
but, the best in my opinion is to disable the sound driver’s power saving. In other words, we will have the sound card worked at all times except when suspending, shutting down or restarting the computer, take into account this last data.

The steps to achieve this can be consulted from the forum where I found this information:

It worked for me, I am still in testing processes, but it seems the definitive solution, within a couple of weeks I will confirm if the problem is completely eliminated.

steps reinterpreted by me:

  1. go to directory:
  2. open the file with root permissions:
  3. add this line at the end of the document:
    load-module module-suspend-on-idle
  4. restart pulse audio by executing the command:
    systemctl restart --user pulseaudio
  5. test if the problem is solved (suspend, shutdown, restart)
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Looks like you’re on a good track!

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In the previous forum, some administrator told me that I should not auto mark my answer as a solution, that is to say that only that answer made by another person, other than the one who opened the topic, should be marked as a solution.

The forum rules changed or am I misunderstanding the concept?

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Your post should be corrected to be consistent with the stackexchange answer before it is marked as the solution

the command pulseaudio --kill should not be used on Manjaro as it can cause a flawed partial restart of PulseAudio
systemctl restart --user pulseaudio is the correct command to restart PulseAudio properly
but it may fail for users if they follow your post and kill PulseAudio, because the systemd service may have failed after the kill command

If the first 3 lines of first paragraph are removed that would be resolved

The PulseAudio module load-module module-suspend-on-idle is already included in the configuration file /etc/pulse/default.pa
adding the same command to the file as you suggest will not help
the suggestion from stackexchange is correct that the line already in place must be commented out to deactivate it (add a # to start of the line)
see this - Audio mini-stop bug

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@nikgnomic You are absolutely right, I started to check the default.pa file and you only need to add # to the beginning of the line. I have to be more attentive in future issues.

building the steps again:

  1. go to directory:
  2. open the file as root:
  3. search and add # to the beginning of the line load-module module-suspend-on-idle, for example like this:
    #load-module module-suspend-on-idle
  4. save changes.
  5. restart pulse audio by running:
    systemctl restart --user pulseaudio
  6. test if the problem is solved (suspend, shutdown, restart)

I can see that the confusion was probably caused by the way the stackexchange answer was worded
(which is a surprise considering stackexchange can be very fussy about semantics and grammar)

the answer is correct to say the line should be commented out
but it should then have shown the line with the comment tag added

You had the right solution worked out but it got a bit lost in translation to this forum
I have done the same myself plenty of times before

The rules have not changed: automarking is still not allowed, but a well-funded original answer is!


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Thank you very much for the clarification, now I understand a little more.

hahaha, that should be hanging on top of anything that has a front door, house, museum, public transport, forum, etc XD

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