Whisker menu items disappeared

Hello, I just accidentally topped out my storage capacity momentarily and I noticed some cache is gone from my browser and my Whisker Menu has -NO- items, only the bottoms at the top and a mouse head icon instead of the M of Manjaro. What could’ve caused this?


Obliviously? The menu generates also a cache.

But there are NO items whatsoever, not just the recent, favourites.

Your issue may not be connected to what you think was the reason.

This sounds more like something got removed or altered.
That is not something that occurs when “topping out your storage”.

Try again.
Describe your issue.
Is the theme and appearance intact - but just not the whisker menu and what it displays?
Swap the whisker menu for the standard xfce4 menu - for example.

Ensure that enough storage is there now.

df -h
free -h

There is the default configuration stored in /etc/skel
You could replace it with your (apparently broken one) from there.

What were you doing at the time this occurred. I’m guessing this might be the root cause.

One possibility, there isn’t enough info to confirm (were you installing something??), I found a number of entries, where the user ran flatpak as root, leaving directories in $HOME/.local with the incorrect permissions. Do you get anything if you run find ~ -user root.


  • 1 - xfce forum
  • 2 - flatpak at github

On my XFCE system, the Manjaro Whisker menu icon is /usr/share/icons/whiskermenu-manjaro.svg. It is is owned by package manjaro-icons 20191015-1. I found that by executing, pacman -Fx whiskermenu-manjaro.svg. The icon can be viewed/changed by right-clicking the Whisker menu and selecting Properties, then click Appearance. At the bottom of the page, click the image next to the label Icon.

Any Whisker errors in your $HOME/.xsessions-errors log that might indicate what the problem is (permission, file not found)? Might also be something in the journal (journalctl -b0).

The theme is intact, however the menu has the favorites, recent and all apps buttons with NO items, and the ones at the top work fine.

Sorry what’s the location of the supposed broken file?

I get these files when I run: > find ~ -user root.
find: ‘/home/manjaro/.cache/yay/i2p/pkg’: Permiso denegado

I installed Pcem much earlier, though. And I don’t use flatpaks much, I haven’t installed one recently.

Can’t find “.xsessions-errors”, does journalctl -b0 work on a specific date?

I don’t know.
Nothing may be broken.

perhaps it is ~/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu-1.rc

have a look at /etc/skel and it’s contents
and then at the same folders and files inside your $HOME directory
because that is where they come from, initially.

Those are so called “hidden” folders - the name starts with a dot.
Just like the file .xsession-errors which surely is there.

Set your filemanager to show hidden files.

The easiest:
just use the “panel” → “add new elements” right mouse click action
to add a new whiskermenu
and see whether this has the same issue.

# Change directory to your home directory using one of the below
cd ~   
cd $HOME 

# List all directories in your home directory, including hidden
ls -la

# view the .xsessions-errors log. It may be empty, but it should be there.
less .xsession-errors

When you have a free moment, this is good reading: LinuxCommand.org: Learning the shell.

The journal can be filtered in a number of ways. I mostly use, since the last boot, and search and scroll. The output is directed to a pager, less. Speaking of booting, I assume you have :wink:

# View the journal from the last boot
journalctl -b0

# List boots
journalctl  --list-boots

# View the journal from a specific date
journalctl --since='2022-05-05'
journalctl --since='2 days ago'

See: man journalctl
According to the above man page see man 7 systemd.time for accepted formats.

Curious, why did you include dmenu as a tag? I can’t see how it would be related to your problem.

How did you notice “some cache is gone from my browser”? Cache is one of those things that happens in the background on the user’s behalf.

I replaced the default file and only the logo changed (M of Manjaro). And it makes no difference if a create a new menu on the panel.

I don’t wanna waste any more of your time, since I’m going to install Arch Linux soon and off Manjaro. Thx anyway.

My bad, .xsession-errors has always been there, for some reason I thought it was a folder. But I’m not going to go any further with this issue since I was gonna install a new OS anyways. Thx for your help!

The tag was incorrect, btw.