Which wifi adapters work best with Manjaro out of the box?

I’ve got a Mercury one which apparently is not compatible with Linux (RTL8188GU) at all so I’m going to need to buy a new one. Any recommendations on which will work?

The drivers exsist for Linux, you don’t need buying new one (and we can’t, hardware recommendations are banned on this forum)

It has known problems. From that github page:

McMCCRU/rtl8188gu: Driver for Linux RTL8188GU (RTL8710B) (VID:PID = 0x0BDA:0xB711)

Known problems

  1. Very slow upload speed.
  2. Problem reconnect from KNetworkManager in Kubuntu 20.04.
  3. In Ubuntu 20.04 detected as GSM modem, need remove option driver as “sudo rmmod option”.

Also, according to @megavolt: