Which scripts starts i3?

I’m struggling to find the actual script/file that starts the i3 window manager on my Manjaro.

I expected it to be the job of ~/.xinitrc which is picked up by startx. That script definitely includes starting i3 however I noticed that changing it doesn’t make any difference. Even removing it doesn’t seem to make any difference so I guess something else is loading i3 in my case.

I also found a user-session=i3 in /etc/lighdm/lightdm.conf but commenting that doesn’t make a difference either.

Any other places I should check?

So, as I understood, you are logging in on console, then type startx?

Did you check .xprofile file?

Since you mentioned lightdm I assume that you’re using a display manager, just like the default Manjaro i3 edition.

In this case the display manager looks for available sessions in the /usr/share/xsessions/ directory.
There you’ll find these two desktop files:


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