Which Pycharm package is best on Manjaro?

Hello world!
I am using Pycharm IDE for my Python programming and have it installed from the extra repo.
Now: currently, it has the version 2023.1.3-1 and inside the IDE, Pycharm offers me to update to 2023.1.4.
Is that safe or does it confuse the pacman database??
Or in other words, should I better wait until it arrives in the standard extra repo?
Or, should I delete it safely and install the flatpak with version 2023.3.2?? (this is a significant distance in versions…)



So far, there is no update in the manjaro repository regarding Pycharm, also not in testing, afaik. Generally speaking, it is safer to stick to the repository version although it is slightly behind. Generally speaking, a mix in between versions can potentially lead to problems, as different versions interfere with each other.

If you want to use the new Pycharm version from flatpak, you can install it additionally from flatpak and keep the manjaro repository version, as flatpak is installed within a container. This means it might lead to difficulties in programming, when you want to access something outside the container.

Just try the flatpak version and see, if you need it. I am quite positive that the repository version is updated soon.

Great, thanks!

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Just to add to what @zar0nick said,

There is a domain for tracking current versions of packages in the branches:


Above that there is the Arch package (which you may notice has been flagged out of date):


As with most packages … as its inherited from Arch, it will be updated there, then on our Unstable branch, and then filter down to Testing and eventually Stable.

By and large, unless you really know what you are doing, what you want and how to do it, then the only good answer is to stick with the repositories.

As always theres the wiki for most general information:

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There some tools which is easier to maintain in your home - those include the various tools offered by JetBrains.

My preference is to use the ToolBox App as it runs entirely in your home - and can be used to maintain the apps installed using the ToolBox.

Please see [root tip] [How To] Avoid common pitfalls as developer for info on running various development tools on Manjaro.