Which PRO driver to download from AMD's website?

Hi all,

Trying to download and setup the latest AMDGPU-PRO drivers and on AMD’s website I don’t see an option directly addressing archlinux


Which drivers should be applied for Manjaro?

Thats not how you should handle drivers.

(for things like ‘pro’ components … please see one of the other threads on the subject)

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Is there any way to install the 20.40 drivers then?

Even if you did the unsmart thing and decided to install amdgpu-pro from the AUR … it would be 20.30.

But I dont think thats actually what you want.

See this:


There are specific use cases where amdgpu-pro gives me functionality that mesa doesn’t. For my specific use, mesa breaks when running games on the Yuzu switch emulator but the amdgpu pro drivers can run games on it successfully. However, mesa runs well on steam and lutris so I use it for those. For the purpose of making Yuzu play better I was hoping to be able to update the pro drivers I have installed as I have already installed 20.30 from the AUR.

You should then wait until the maintainer of the AUR package updates the PKGBUILD in AUR. Then just update it, like you would any other AUR package.

Understood, was hoping there was a way I could pull and update from AMD’s website myself but will wait for the AUR to update.

Of course there is, that’s how the AUR package maintainer does it. :wink:

However, as stated ad nauseum, AMDGPU Pro is not better than AMDGPU–especially for games. Phoronix has benchmarked them and proven it.

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