Which package manager should i use

So i am a new user to manjaro I want to install shotcut video editor but in the pamac there are so many options AUR,Snap,Flatpack,Official repos which one is the best of them all or what is the difference between them.Which should I use to install an app

You should always use the official repos first as these have been tested and trusted by the manjaro team. Aur are packages built by users and shared, they are normally known to be safe as the code and package build is shared to examine. Flatpak and snap are sandboxed apps that install the app and all the required dependencies so are pretty much guaranteed to work but tend to be larger and their code can’t be examined. My rule of thumb is

But others may disagree


Thanks for the answer I am loving the experience with manjaro. The community is so helpful I might never distro hop again. The best linux distro=manjaro


My personal recommendation, always use the official repos if available, and the AUR only if unavailable.
Snaps and Flatpacks, I wouldn’t use them, or only temporarily if there is an issue currently with the official or the AUR package. There is not really a reason to use them. There is also Appimages as an other alternative, I would put them in the Snaps/Flatpacks category, not using them unless absolutely forced to.



Aren’t AUR, Snap et Flatpack disabled by default anyway?

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