Which one is the real master pdf editor?

Good day to you all. I want to download master pdf editor but I’m not sure which is the real on.

pamac search master pdf editor

masterpdfeditor                                                   5.7.90-2  AUR 
    A complete solution for viewing, creating and editing PDF
masterpdfeditor-free                                           4.3.89-1  AUR 
    A complete solution for creation and editing PDF files -
    Free version without watermark

I don’t to download the wrong file then have a virus on my laptop. Thanks in advance

They bot hare the ‘real’ one.

You enabled the AUR in Pamac, now when you search in Pamac it shows the official Manjaro repo and AUR packages, as you can see if you read what you posted.

Here is the AUR page for the AUR package AUR (en) - masterpdfeditor-free

They both are different version though, see the AUR page for more information.


oh ok thank you! seems like masterpdfeditor is more up to date than masterpdfeditor-free.

Yes, masterpdfeditor is newer and has some new features but it uses watermark (if you do not buy a license).
You can install both of them and use depending on your demands.

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