Which of the updated desktop environments is your favorite and why regarding the new 20.1 Mikah release?

Today i came back to manjaro because of the new release, i was up to a new fresh Linux distro :slight_smile: . So back to my question:

Which of the updated desktop environments is your favorite and why regarding the new features added in the 20.1 Mikah release?

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Xfce. It is fast, stable, easy to customize. And doesn’t take a whole lot of resources to use.


what @whm1974 said but with Kde plasma.


Gnome, because it suits my workflow with little need to focus on customization. I like KDE too, but all that customizing is taking my concentration from where it should be.


What @visone said, but with i3


KDE is my desktop environment.

4 years ago my life was changed. I went to bed on a thursday night, only to wake up with literally half of my body paralyzed. And I didn’t wake up on a friday. I woke up on the following sunday. Not only my body was paralyzed but my mind as well. Long story short, I had a sort of braintumor that left me paralyzed and not being able to speak (in Dutch: afasie). :thinking: :neutral_face:

I had been using Linux since the late nineties and once I was ready to use the computer again it had to be linux. But I couldn’t use it as I wanted it anymore. :confused:

Arch was really my thing before it all happened. But with my brain being like it now was I knew I would have to let go of Arch :cry:

So I chose the easy way, Ubuntu… (16.04) Later followed by Kubuntu. :face_with_monocle: :frowning_face:

And after 3 years came Manjaro. With the KDE desktop!!! It is simply said, the best of both worlds. As a handicapped person, not being able to type a whole lot, KDE was the desktop for me… and it’s kinda Arch :wink:




I think you did a lot better in your post than those above with responses not much better than +1.


I settled on XFCE. I can use the desktop, and I found it easier to customise and add what I wanted to. It’s got some handy panel widgets as well.


I do like kde and ran it for a while, I like budgie as well but in the end I always come back to cinnamon

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GNOME is most suitable for my Surface. It’s highly touchscreen-compatible and its screen rotation goes well out of box.

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At least the post owner tell us all his/her workflow, how likes to use the desktop, machine specifications, if likes effects, etc. That question si so general that a quick search on any website could answer

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Basically this is a pointless thread. Everyone is going to have their own opinion based on their personal needs (it’s one of the reasons why linux is so great due to all the choices of desktop environment).

Best thing to do is download all of them create some bootable usb drives (or even better if you have a large enough usb drive install ventoy, then you can copy however many ISOs you want to try (trying out a new iso is as simple as copying it to your usb drive created with ventoy) onto the stick and then give them a spin.

By testing out the different desktop environments you’ll be able to see which you like best or at least which has most of what you want and then you can customize it from there once you install the OS. This way you’ll also get a decent feel for how the environments are going to perform on your hardware if you are using a fast USB 3.0 flash drive.

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Agreed. A post like this would fit in better on Reddit than a support forum.

We do have an unofficial subreddit: r/ManjaroLinux.