Which Nvidia driver to install?

Hi there. Today I came across Manjaro Settings >
Hardware configuration > GP107M.

I have an intel and an Nvidia card installed. Currently video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime is marked as installed. It exist also a video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-470xx-prime thing and something with bumblebee.

I think for standard desktop things, it doesn’t matter which one I use. But what should I choose for best performance with 3D games and best compatibility with wine/proton?

The one you currently have is the latest Nvidia driver (with all needed tools and config to have an hybrid system with dual video card).

470 is previous supported version, for the now non compatible cards with latest driver, and 390 with Bumblebee is legacy driver for old cards.


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If you are using wine/proton for your games then perhaps look at lutris as a games launcher. There’s plenty of tweaks available and the option to automatically use the dedicated gpu

It’s still supported, it’s the production branch release. In fact, there was a new release today.

495 is the new feature branch release with 510 in beta.

Yes, it is supported, and is the previous version of the driver he has installed.

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