Which Nvidia driver gives me best performance?

The whole diver scene in Manjaro is confusing. I want performance on my machine(Laptop) and a way to switch to Intel graphics, switchable graphics like Pop Os would be nice to have, which driver should i install ? i’m on Linux kernel 5.7 and NVIDIA driver version 440.100 or should i wait for version 450?

How? Supported drivers are available and selectable from a GUI.

Their implementation is a poor copy of others work.

Read the wiki? Absolutely.


As with all things … there isnt an all ‘best’ package. Generally speaking with nvidia you want the proprietary and latest. So … if thats 440 now and 450 later then thats what it is.

If you have dual-gfx then thats covered in the wiki … but its pretty simple … select a PRIME profile for your driver in mhwd/msm and use prime-run

For more information on what PRIME is (and roughly the basics of how its deployed in all linux) see here:

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If you use lutris just set it to always use prime in the settings then all your games will launch on dedicated gpu. As linked by @cscs you can also either install optimus manager (but can have issues) or just use the prime-run command. For me the easiest option was just to let lutris do everything for me

I just want proprietary drivers with a way to switch the whole system to Intel like in pop os. I’ve read the wiki but that left me scratching my head on what to install, so I came here.

I generally only use nvidia for gaming and switch to Intel for the usual stuff.I like to keep things simple, so I switch the whole system to Intel or nvidia depending on what I was using, back when I was on ubuntu.

Thanks for the advice

You need to install optimus manager then. There’s a guide in the archived form or wiki. That will give you the same switch as PopOs but it’s still experimental

Thanks I found the post in the previous fourm archives

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I consider that a lot more clunky instead of putting

prime-run %command%

into steam game launch options.
No reboot necessary.

But yes … there are at least 2 of those ‘switch’ apps … prime-switcher and optimus-manager.
I think theres more as well.

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