Which mountain is displayed on the default manjaro wallpaper?

Which mountain is displayed on the default manjaro wallpaper?
I thought it is Kilimanjaro according to the distro name.
And this answer kinda hints about it.
But real Kilimanjaro has rather flat top, nothing in common with the peak on the wallpaper File:Mt. Kilimanjaro 12.2006.JPG - Wikipedia
I cannot imagine from which viewpoint it may have such a silhouette
File:Kilimanjaro 3D - version 1.gif - Wikipedia
Maybe it is some smaller cone in the neighborhood? Or just an artist’s fantasy?

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Which wallpaper?

I meant this one, it was the default in my installation.

while it is a nice wall It is an artists work the mountain is fictive

I would say with the bamboo and the shape of the mountain, it is abstract.
//EDIT: also the lake in front of it.

Kinda looks like Matterhorn a.k.a. Toblerone to me :slight_smile: Or Elbrus.

IMO it Looks more like K2 than Matterhorn

I recall navigating a few of those in younger years.

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Here’s the real Kilimanjaro: https://forum.manjaro.org/uploads/default/original/3X/7/e/7e519dd239b19ace3a196db55c553a7ba41090ec.jpeg

Looks a bit rubbish at 200kb, had to downsize for the forum.


Distorted poly

Particularly the lake (without obvious reflection) … and the rather low-lying snow line considering the surrounding terrain.

Me too … had almost forgotten about them.

from where is the mountain in my avatar?(not which mountain it is)
no reverse google image search.

yes it probably is mount Fuji(Japan),but from where is it?this specific picture.

ski on Win 95?

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it’s indeed a pc game,but quit earlier than 95.

Devil’s Thumb? :scream:

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it’s from here (karateka-1984)

somehow i remembered the mountain and thought it was appropriate as an avatar for the Manjaro forum.


It’s very reminiscent of Fuji.

i suppose it’s intended since it’s a Krate game in what seems like a Japanese temple.

I have some very nice wallpapers of Fujiyama, somewhere; I keep misplacing them; likewise, a ROM collection I once had with many of those old games.

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