Which Midori ? Legacy or New?

I see “legacy Midori” on the community repo, but dev stopped 3 years ago : GitHub - midori-browser/core: Midori Web Browser - a lightweight, fast and free web browser using WebKit and GTK+

I also see “Midori new” on AUR, this one looks like a more transparent Brave like browser : https://astian.org/

Why keep the old in official repo ?
What thoughts about the new one ?

Astian began to maintain and develop Midori since the end of 2019, always maintaining the pillars of light, fast and secure Midori, and as additional information, it respects privacy since it does not sell advertising, we do not sell user data and all our products and services are open source and auditable, Midori Web · GitLab here is our repo

Midori is from the Arch repositories. So…

You may understand you “So…”
I don’t.
Can you translate for a newbee ?

Manjaro inherits the Midori package from the Arch repositories. It’s not Manjaro maintaining that package. It’s Arch.

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Although you can use AUR packages on Manjaro, it isn’t the best scenario. I do run some, however, I know that things could go wrong. Manjaro is not Arch.