Which manjaro fits on 7gb VM

Hi community! I currently have a laptop with fine and new hardware but just 28gb ssd. Now please dont tell me to buy a ssd. I wanted to install a bare-minimal linux on a vm which i can use with 7gb. But the problem is i don’t know the installation size of different edituons. I don’t need anything else apart from a window manager. I first thought i will just install it and see what happens but then just thought about asking the community.

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Hi @nazibalalam,

7GB isn’t a lot. It doesn’t give you much space to work with.

I believe you can try for a custom version with Architect.

And you can and should consider something lightweight, like Alpine Linux. Or something like that.

Especially since you specified bare minimal.

The editions which provide a desktop without being a desktop is lxqt, lxde, openbox. They can fit inside an 8G VBox vm - maybe even less - I have not tried.

But a vm of 10G is the recommended as you usually has to account for some swap space too - but there is no restriction other than non-success.

I have made installs targeting a 8GB USB and it works.

You can try this one - probably easier than installing to USB by hand

Or should i try installing it on a USB? I hope it doesn’t harm my windows installation.

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According to me, I don’t know if I’m correct or not, then it’s the same as using a Live ISO. And in fact, would be quicker to do. But, as I said, I might be wrong on this. :man_shrugging:

How do i use this?

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I have not tried - there is forum topic on the subject - but as far as I know - download the iso - and write it to an 8gb usb - use dd or another utility using bitwise one-to-one copy

where is the forum topic?

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i currently have a vm of manjaro xfce which i installed through architect and chose the minimal installation; it’s exactly 7 gb .
it’ll obviously grow as i keep using it.

For comparison my testing install:
manjaro-gnome-20.2.1-minimal-210103-linux59.iso + all recent updates + Libreoffice + Firefox

> df -h: /dev/sda1 7,9G 6,7G 791M 90% /

So 6.7G is the HD space used.
Though the *.vdi disk image is dynamically allocated and grows >7GB.

use the forum search function using the keywords xfce persistent usb

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