Which kernel to use with older hardware?

Hi all

I am using older hardware (Lenovo 2011) with Manjaro because I am used to this laptop and I love it and still works fine, and I prefer it over my newer laptop (2021) which only collects dust on the shelve.

Now I read somewhere that newer kernels are not always preferred with older hardware.

I am running kernel 6.6 LTS, should I revert back to kernel 5.15 LTS just to be safe?

But if they work without problems there is no reason to go back :innocent:

Only to have a second kernel to boot if something goes wrong (with some kernel update) you could install 6.6 and 6.1 (both LTS)


yeah I have 6.6 LTS and 5.15 LTS already installed

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And sometimes newer kernels have additional features.

So Kernel since 6.1 support faster btrfs send and receive, and kernel since 6.7 support better tree-checks with btrfs and a little improved speed.


I am running Kernel 6.6 on a 12 year old i5 2500K without any problems.


Yeah me too! i5-2520M CPU


I have an Acer laptop from 2008 - Pentium T2330 / 1.6 GHz CPU; 2 GB RAM and an SSD instead of original 5400rpm HDD

Installed latest Manjaro Xfce ISO with kernel 6.6 and systemd-analyze reports:

Startup finished in 7.093s (kernel) + 11.695s (userspace) = 18.788s 
graphical.target reached after 11.692s in userspace.

So there is still life in the old dog yet


Your reference is out of context.

The correct context is hardware for which kernel modules has been removed.

If your system is able to function and provides a stable experience with the latest LTS there is no reason why you should use an older LTS.


I just installed Manjaro xfce on a HP G62 laptop from 2010, kernel 66 worked perfectly.
If it works it works, but it is never a bad idea to have 2 kernels so in case the newest one does not work, you have an older one to fall back to if needed.

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Kernel 6.6 @ i980X from 2010 with KDE

Startup finished in 1.559s (kernel) + 2.663s (initrd) + 2.508s (userspace) = 6.732s 
graphical.target reached after 2.348s in userspace.

I use kernel version 5.4.

Higher versions cause me problems with virtualbox or with the video card.

I eventually found the right kernel for me, through a process of trial and error.

I had Manjaro running nicely on a 15 year old Gigabyte board. It (the mainboard) died, but the kernel was likely still perfectly fine. :crazy_face:

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