Which filesystem should I choose for general storage?

Before starting this post, i want to say hello to you all fellow Manjaro users, i just recently installed for the first time Manjaro on my main computer, also joined the forums today as well.
Now, to the matter in hand:
First, i’m not sure if this is the correct tag to ask for this question, so let me know how to change it if it’s not the correct one.
Well, i have this 960 GB SSD, unassigned storage at the moment, which i plan to use as main storage for files, games and such. So, what available file format should i choose for this case (FAT, NTFS, ext4)? i will use GNOME disks to do so. Also worth mentioning, i do not plan to have another operating system on said SSD.
Thanks in advance

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Unless you have a good reason to use any other file systems, always use ext4.


what would those special cases be? like if i was going to access them from another drive with another system, like windows?

Not really going to go into a lot of detail but:

  • NTFS - For your Windows partition (if you had one) to be able to read from. But this should be a separate partition, not your main.
  • BtrFS - Can do snapshots (among other things)
  • ZFS - Can do snapshots (among other things)
  • exFAT - Best for USB sticks as it is compatible with any OS


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all clear, got it.
thanks for the info :+1:

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