Which eviroment do you reccomend for a better workflow?

Hello, my name is Miguel, i’m from Argentina. I been using Linux Mint on an old Intel Atom, and Windows on my main PC which is an AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7 with a memory of 8 GB RAM and an 120 GB SSD.

I know its an old setup but I like Manjaro too much I tested live various times on KDE live and liked it. But now I see the latest GNOME 41 version and tested and liked too.

Well the question is which enviroment do you reccomend for a better office workflow on my A8? I dont play games, have Batocera running on other PC.


With 8 GiB of RAM, every current desktop environment will run just fine on that machine. So in the end, it’s simply a matter of which desktop environment you prefer.


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If you don’t want to customize anything, from my understanding and point of view, GNOME could be a good choice if you like the “tablet/phone” like experience, look, and feel. From my forum readings, every time there is a major update of GNOME, all the addons usually break because they need to get updated, later, for this new major GNOME version.

KDE is a more classic desktop, Windows like, probably closer to what you had in Linux Mint, it is my preference.

But as said, it is only a matter of YOUR preference at the end.

Thanks for your answer. I was worried mostly because of the A8 its like 2016. And well if someone can gimme some advice for office work which one was more comfortable.

Well, LibreOffice has already long been a GNU/Linux standard and mainstay for office productivity, so I reckon you can’t go wrong with that. But there are alternatives too, and quite a few, actually.

Thanks, thats one of the main points i was afraid, the stabilty . I think KDE would be fine then, its nice maybe a little overwhelming of customization options but i liked most. Thanks my friend.

Well LibreOffice Writer let me convert documents to pdf. I really didn’t test WPS for example.

You can use Cinnamon Desktop on Manjaro. I do.