Which encryption algorithm is my Manjaro utilizing?

I am running Manjaro xfce version 4.16. The Linux installer i used included the option to encrypt the partition so I opted for it. Is there a terminal command to see the stats on the encryption that my os is using? I suspect AES-128 at least, but I cannot find a way to verify this. All I can see is that LUKS version 1 is being used. I am new to Linux, switched from windows last week but I can already tell that I’m a lifer for Linux now!



cryptsetup luksDump /dev/path/to/encrypted-volume

Should show that information… (replace /path/to… with your device)

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A default installation of Manjaro is using Calamares installer and GRUB bootloader.

GRUB and LUKS2 doesn’t work together - that is why it is LUKS1 - and yes - it also creates long decryption time on system start.