Which Discord guild is the better support group?

I noticed as I was looking for places to provide support, there are two Discord guilds expressly for Manjaro. They are as follows:

From discordservers.com: https://discordservers.com/server/695195472796581919
From discord.me: https://discord.me/manjaro-linux

It concerns me there are two disparité sources for what is effectively the same thing. Which one is the recommended source for support queries?

I don’t think Manjaro officially runs any discord servers for support. Though someone can correct me if I am wrong.

The best would just be using the forum, as other users can also view the solutions to solve their own issues.

Not everyone is aware of the forum, but for people using modified Discord desktop clients enhanced with BetterDiscord, the guild indexed by Discord Servers may be more discoverable.

Neither are official. As @realmain mentioned, the forum is indeed the best place for support.

We do have an official Telegram channel, however.


Thank you for this information. The issue with this is that not everybody wants to register with Telegram, then install the Telegram desktop app when they already use Discord as their social media platform of preference.

So I would not take to issue supporting either of these choices, because ultimately while Discord is proprietary, it’s also more popular and thus has bigger reach as a social network (notwithstanding the blatent lies about better FPS using their service compared to other existing solutions at the time which the popularity of Discord had since buried even further before they had started by positioning themselves as the gamer’s choice).

Same with, not everyone wants to install Discord. We can’t make everyone happy. We usually recommend people to use the forum itself. Works great in the browser, which everyone has, and also works great in mobile browser in my experience.

Mainly gamers, which isn’t really most Linux distro’s specific target. If this was a gaming based Distro suchas ChimeraOS, sure, that makes sense, but this isn’t a gaming based/focused distro.

Also, supporting another chatting service requires the Manjaro Team to officially have more moderators. That is more time and resources. And as I said earlier:

It makes so it so that people don’t keep asking the same questions when there are already answers on the forum.

I mean… it’s linked in our Support section on the main website… I don’t know about you or others, but if I have issues with a product or service, I always go to the main website and look up the support page.


Just an FYI, the Manjaro Team uses Telegram internally and prefers open source software. :wink: